Faiths of Jarelm

The Pantheon

The Lost Ones

Telvork Fayths

The Family

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Laroi- God of the Sun, Good, and Law. The Holy Flame LG
Thorgrim- God of the Earth, Craft, and Trade. The Maker LG
Melnoa Goddess of the Moon, Water, and Dreams. The Night Whisper NG
Bezwick God of the Land, Harvest, and Food. The Oat Maker NG
Veslin- Goddess of Good times, Art and Travel. The Wandering Prankster CG
Ostric- God of Law, Justice, Protection. The Judge LN
Chronus- God of Time, Space, and Keeper of Knowledge LN
Erburus- God of life and Death, Warden of the Afterlife LN
Geldrin- God of Nature, Balance, and Weather. The Storm Keeper N
Ispor- God of Magic, Rune, and Wit. The Grey Mage N
Furna- Goddess of Battle, Strength, and Courage. The War Mistress CN
Hez- God of Shadows, Cunning, and Deceit. The Masked Knife CN
Lord Chasix- God of Tyranny and Slavery, King of the Devils LE
Misphilant- God of Lust and Undeath, The Blood Succubus NE
Erjik- God of Destruction and Chaos, The Chaos Flame CE



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