The world of Jarelm is filled with terrors and hostile places to which adventures enjoy exploring, along with sprawling cities filled with wonders of architecture and the arcane. The main landmasses are Illenos and Daldorian. There are also two large islands, the Northern Island witch is seperated into the two kingdoms of Telvork and Meskar, along with The Valgarian Isles.

Daldorian: Daldorian is a vast land filled with many kingdoms though most are peaceful. The Mistdale Mountains take up the center of the land that also has the highest point in the world nicknamed The Stars Gateway. Most of the civilized population of the world lives on Daldorian.

Illenos The vast land of Illenos is filled with unspeakable horrors and long forgotten ruins. A wild land with only a few settled areas to speak of and many small forts dot the landscape. It is said this land was once littered with large kingdoms and great castles, but now most lay in ruin.

Meskar One of the two Warring nations of the Northern Island, Meskar is said to be held by those with a level head and little to know love for the gods. They prefer the Arcane and acts of Science. They hold the Wall of Ordaris which has let them keep a foothold on the land bridge Kackarus. The Twin Peaks on the other side of the kingdom separate a good third of the land of Meskar which is a desert plain nicknamed the Redsands.

Telvork One of the two warring nations of the Northern Island, Telvork is said to be held by those which a love of their god and a holy zealous that leads them into battle. Many large temples call this land home. They have the second largest peak in the world with the Frost Crown Mountains and the Snowflake Peak.

Valgarian Isles More Info to come.



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